Ben Emerson has got me striking the ball better and further with more accuracy than ever before! Best coach I’ve ever had!

Robbie Williams 

Ben Emerson, one of the UK’s most cutting-edge coaches, runs a fine academy at Bowood using the latest game-improvement technology, such as TrackMan and K-Motion K-VEST 3D Analysis.

Golf Monthly Magazine

It has been my great pleasure to work with Ben over the years! First of all as a player and then subsequently when he became a Master Performance Coach. The passion and dedication that Ben shows in the quest to improve makes me certain to recommend to you his services. Put your game in his safe hands, it will be one of the BEST investments you have ever made.

Karl Morris – Europe’s Leading Performance Coach

Ben is an outstanding coach. Started having lessons with him around 3 years ago with my HC at 24. I’m now playing off 9 thanks to him.
He uses the latest and most up to date training aids and every lesson is enjoyable.
Couldn’t recommend Ben enough, so get down to Bowood and book a lesson with him.

Sam O’Malley

So Ben has been teaching me throughout the year and has coached me out of my bad patch of golf and has now made my handicap drop by almost 2 shots, absolute magician

Chris Greenberry – 4 Handicapper

Ben is a all round brilliant golf coach, having played with him its nice to have coaching from a pro that can still play the game to a very high standard which I think is a must. Always looking at ways of bettering himself as a PGA pro and investing into himself, e.g the K-VEST and the TPI fitness qualifications, great moves especially with fitness becoming a big craze in the game now.

Ryan Wheeler – Scratch Golfer / Devon County Player

Ben addresses his coaching in a very professional yet relaxed manner making you feel comfortable no matter what your age or ability. He was a true role model for both the juniors and adults alike at his previous club. His use of state of the art technology such as the k-vest only adds to the experience and helps to simplify all the complicated mechanics of the golf swing.

Ben Tampkins – 6 Handicapper

Ben coached me while at his previous club and he is a top pro. His use of video footage and balance plates was a really refreshing way of coaching and gave me immediate feedback! As well as helping me with technical aspects (like my slightly shut club face in the takeaway) he also made me approach golf fitness quite differently; instead of lifting weights and increasing strength I began to work on flexibility and being able to hold positions that are crucial in maintaining a stable golf swing. Ben’s approach was relaxed and enjoyable and would certainly recommend him to anyone who wants their golf game improving!

Seb Born – 1 Handicapper

Back in July 2017 I got in touch with Ben after seeing all of his skills and tech advertised on social media and really liked the idea of getting stuck into my golf swing in more depth, since working with Ben we have looked at all aspects of my golf swing from what the naked eye sees and also from a 3D point of view! By doing this it has given me a clear understanding of where my golf swing needs to improve but also along with the golfing aspects Ben has a huge understanding of TPI training which is enabling him to help me fitness wise and getting the best out of my body and golf swing in one go! Ben is a fantastic coach but also a brilliant guy himself which makes conversations very light and easy going between him and I which makes me feel at ease and total confident that the player and coaches relationship is exactly where it needs to be. As for the future I will continue to see ben on a regular basis to improve and maintain my golf and play at the highest level. Anyone looking to have a good player coach relationship and improve your golf without a doubt Ben will do this for you and make you feel 100% more confident in your game! 

Ben Isaac – Touring Professional 

Ben helped me out at his previous club and my current one. I was struggling with “early extension”, a look back at the video and I could see what he meant so a few tips to help me from Ben and plenty of practice got it right in the end. Top Pro. Top Man.

Mark Hayes – 15 Handicapper

Ben has a fabulous approach to his coaching. He provides clear, concise guidance, which is easy to understand, interpret and put into practise. Ben is excellent in both group and 121 coaching sessions. Focussing on all aspects of the game of golf, improvements in performance are quickly evident.

Neil Tampkins – Junior Organiser, Stover Golf Club

Ben combines his passion and knowledge of golf with infinite patience and excellent coaching skills to make learning fun even for complete beginners. He makes you believe you can improve and you do! We wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to golfers of any level.

Cynthia Sedgman

Ben was the first pro to teach my sons (aged 6 and 7) how to play to golf, not just technique, but how to behave on the golf course and to have consideration for other players. He is an excellent teacher with a patient manner, and I can’t recommend him enough.

Sally Lacy