Trackman Lessons

Ben Emerson Golf Performance uses Trackman 3e to help enhance the precision of a lesson with Ben.

Trackman is the choice of the PGA Tour and The R&A for swing and ball flight analysis. A staple on professional tours, with leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, academies, instructors, players and broadcast TV, TrackMan is the industry standard for accuracy, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.


Trackman 3e has enjoyed the status of being the de facto training tool amongst the leaders of the game; from hundreds of Tour players to thousands of coaches to every golf equipment manufacturer in the industry.

Because they trust it. Because it helps them perform better.
Because its single radar technology is unrivalled in its category.
Because it works.


One of the most important questions you need to be able to answer in golf is “how far do you hit your clubs?” In order to know which club to hit in a certain situation, you need to know your carry distances. A TrackMan Gapping Session gives you the relevant information to help you make the correct decisions on the golf course. During this session, you will hit a series of shots with every club in your bag to get accurate measurements for each club. A detailed report will be given to you after the session.


TrackMan Combine is a standardised test that enables you to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. Discover the clear correlation between your TrackMan Combine results and your success on the golf course. The TrackMan Combine consists of 60 shots hit to selected distances. TrackMan scores each shot on a scale of 0-100 based on your accuracy. When the session is complete, every golfer receives a full appraisal and follow-on action plan.