Elite Golfers and Professionals

Over the years Ben has been very fortunate to work with professionals, and elite golfers aspiring to make it onto the Professional ranks.

The performance training program has been designed for aspiring golfers working towards pursuing a professional playing career or professionals who wishing to take their game to the next level. The approach is designed with an integrated approach to learning and will develop all aspects of your game technical, physical, mental and playing skills in a structured training environment.

The program will provide players with the tools to-play the game at the highest level and ultimately develop their skills for international competition. All progress throughout the program are documented for the student to take home and continue with the learning and improvement process well after the program has finished.

To train in a structured environment with regular scheduled sessions to hone and develop all areas of the students game.

Intensive development in techniques for short and long game development, physical, self management, course management and personal development skills

To be involved in extensive competitive skills training required to compete at an international level.

On-course play and instruction.

 Distance Control, Skill Testing, Pressure Practice, Creative Practice.

What is required? 

Commitment to structured training programs and intensive practice and training to development in areas of their game.

Commit to maintaining reports on their training and game to encourage self corrective habits and independence.

Approach all training practices on and off the course in a professional manner.

Push themselves to their limit to break into new levels and experience along the way.

Maximum handicap of 4.